Expectation v’s reality of being a mummy!

When I was pregnant with my first child Ella; I had so many thoughts swimming around my head, about the kind of mum I wanted to be, and the types

of activities we would do, to fill our days and make the most of my maternity leave. Of course at the time, I had no idea that i was harvesting the most frustrated, impatient, short fused baby on this earth. 
Soon after my first was born, it was only five months later that I fell pregnant again with my son Preston. 

 I think that time around my expectations were a lot more realistic, in what I was going to be able to achieve, having two babies under two.
Here is a small list of my expectations for my first baby, and the reality of what actually happened, and how I failed miserably.
1. Expectation:
 Having a summer baby meant  I would fill my days going on long walks down the high steer, enjoying a good book, whilst drinking a coffee while Ella slept peacefully in her pram. All the baby weight I was going to lose and all the books I was going to catch up on were endless. 

 I would spend the morning trying to get ready to leave the house. Of course babies seem to sense when it’s a critical time and when mummy wants to leave the house, so constantly crying is just the norm for this occasion. I would finally get out of the house;  get five minutes down the road and decide to turn around, where Ella would cry so much she had turned blue in the face, and I couldn’t take her out of the pram as it was scorching hot, and she wouldn’t be protected by shade. So in the end anxiety would play a big role and I would never take her for walks.

2. Expectation:
I would go to as many mummy groups available to me, make plenty of mummy friends and would spend lots of time with them, and Ella would make loads of baby friends.

Reality: I would go to a class and Ella would cry the entire time. While all the other babies would be calm playing nicely or sleeping. And I would get numerous mums come up to me and ask the normal questions, “is she hungry” “is she tired” “is she always like this?!” Yes she’s always like this I’ve laboured the spawn of lucifer!
3. Expectatio: I would spend my days cooking up loads of weaning receipts that she could enjoy everyday and freeze up batches so she can have lots of lovely meals ready for her. Together we would be very creative and try all the things I added to my boards on pininterest.

Reality: All she would eat was cheese and a colouring book and stocker book is as far as we would get with being creative. To this day I have a 20 month old and 6 month old. I’m lucky to even leave the house.
What was everyone else’s expectations during their first pregnancy?