New year….. same me….. same life

So it’s new year, happy new year everybody!

Soooo….. what new resolutions has everybody put in place for the start of the new year?! …. For some, it may be to lose weight, or eat healthier, or maybe its to exercise more, save more, eat out less, read more, learn something new, take on a new hobby, the list goes on.

Well this year, I have made the decision to be “the grinch” of new year resolutions . None of this new year, new me bs! I mean was there anything wrong with the 2017 version of myself. Just because a new date in the calendar has emerged, why are people deciding to give themselves a new identity “new me”

Surely we have hundreds of other days of the year to try and better ourselves, but we purposely wait for this one date to better ourselves and set ourselves goals; that by mid February we may as well wave goodbye to. We binge eat throughout the month of December, but feel better knowing January is just around the corner, so it’s going to be ok. Now don’t get me wrong, i know there is the small minority of motivated individuals with the will power of a saint who are able to stick to their resolutions and completely change their lifestyles but they really are a minority of amazing people. And the rest of us, well our will power might last, a day or two, a couple of weeks. Maybe months, but it’s not going to stick…. (am I being too mean here?)

So this year I’m not going to set goals to eat better, lose weight, exercise more, take my toddlers out more, have more patience with my children, have a better routine, meal plan better. I would love to have the motivation to do these things but at this point in my life with a one and two year old. I’m just setting myself up for failure.

Instead there are two words I’m going to try and live by this year, and that is to “try harder” I will try harder at life, beating my anxiety not only for me but for my children. This isn’t a goal I am putting in place for myself, it’s a new mind set I have. What’s the point in promising yourself all these things, when your mind set is saying the complete opposite. I feel if your mind isn’t 100% into it, your not likely to achieve it. 2018 is the year I am going to try harder for myself and for my children!


Peppa Pig obsessed birthday party on a budget. 

It was my daughters 2nd birthday a few months ago, but I haven’t written a blog about it just yet. I’ve decided to as I’m really pleased with what we achieved in such a short space of time, and on such a tight budget. Now her party wasn’t pininterest worthy. But I did my very best to be as creative as I could and I must admit some of my inspiration was from pin interest. 

Everyone seemed very impressed with the effort me and my partner put in. I come from a family where not much effort is usually put into birthday party’s apart from some balloons, a couple of sausage rolls and an Asda birthday cake; so to some of them, I’d gone OTT but i really do enjoy being creative and love to make my Ella happy. 

Here are some useful tips if you are looking to create a Peppa Pig themed birthday on a budget and don’t have an awful amount of time on your hands. 

1. eBay is the only shop you need – All of the decorations, which include, the buntings, plates, napkins, spotty pink cups, cupcake holders, party bags and balloons were from eBay. Honestly do not spend a ridiculous amount of money buying balloons from stores and spending even more for them to be blown up. You can buy big helium balloons for a fraction of the price on eBay. I even bought the pink spotty tablecloth off eBay. 

2. Be Peppa minded – Now I’m no Peppa expert, but the word “Dinosaur” springs to mind. So when it came to food ideas for the party, turkey dinosaurs were essential. Another word that comes to mind when I think of Peppa Pig, I think “muddy puddles” I don’t think I’m ever going to look at another puddle, without muddy puddles popping into my head. Even in years to come when Peppa Pig will be a distant memory to my son and daughter. So we decided to create muddy puddle deserts out of chocolate mousse, and they were a major hit. The cupcakes made by my lovely talented friend, featured M&S Percy pigs, and guess what?! No one had a clue. 

3. Be creative – I’ve always wanted to make a sweety tree, and what better reason to make one, then my daughters 2nd birthday. I bought the kit off eBay, which had everything you need, and then I bought a box of 100 lollies off eBay for about five pounds, and after I created the tree I even had enough lollies left for the party bags. I really wanted to make the table the main feature for the party as many people do. As it going to hold the birthday cake, food, sweety tree, muddy puddles and dinosaurs, I wanted it to look really aesthetically pleasing. 

I see a photo on pininterest of a table that had a Peppa Pig backdrop on the wall behind, as soon as i see it I wanted one. I did so much looking about online on eBay, and not on the high street and etsy, but they was so so expensive. We had already hit our budget for the party, so buying a personalised backdrop with my daughters name and age on it wasn’t going to be cost effective. So we decided to make our own, and it was as simple as google images and Microsoft paint, and a little editing. We was lucky enough that one of my partners clients at work, were happy to print it for us free of charge, otherwise that would have been another expense. 

I really hope my blog has been useful and may have given a little inspiration for party ideas. Now if I had more of a budget, I think it would have been a little crazy! If you have any questions, please message me. 
Em x 


The best of Netflix- The most bingeworthy tv series for mummy and Daddy to watch! 

If you are after a great tv series to watch once the little ones are in bed, me and my partner have shortlisted our favourite on Netflix, and believe me we have watched a lot! I would like to think we had great taste in tv programmes. And if you have great taste too, you are guaranteed to love one of my recommendations. 

The Ozark

If you loved breaking bad, this will definitely be your cup of tea. Apart from game of thrones, this may actually be my favourite series since breaking bad. Both shows have many similarities, which might be why I was so drawn to Ozark. To give you a quick summary, it’s about a Chicago based financial adviser, who relocates his family, to the Missouri Ozarks to help aid the money laundering he is doing for a huge drug cartel. He has the task of laundering $500 million, in five years. And if he doesn’t succeed…… he is dead basically. But it’s such an interesting watch, to see how he does it. The type of businesses he needs to buy, trouble he has along the way. Starring Jason Bateman as the main male lead, he is just absolutely brilliant in it. 

Stranger things 
This is a bit ET mixed with any great alien film you have ever watched. This series really does suck you In straight away. It is a tiny bit jumpy so if you frighten easily, maybe just stick with the others I’ve recommended. A little plot summary, it’s about a group of young boys, based in the 80s, who play with walkie talkies to communicate with each other, play dungeons and dragons and are just a tad bit geeky. When one day one of them suddenly goes missing, a huge mystery unfolds. Starring Winona Ryder, this sci fi/mystery really is a great binge worthy series, it would be a crime to the Netflix community not to watch. 

13 reasons why 
This is an absolutely heart breaking series, so if your after an easy watch, this may not be for you. But it is completely addictive and carries such a strong message. Plot summary, the series follows a young guy called Clay Jenson, who receives a box of tapes, shortly after the suicide of one of his closest friends. The tapes include 13 reasons why she chose to end her life, and features who helped her decision along the way. The people responsible for her death have also heard the tapes, which causes a lot of conflict along the way. 

Orange is the new black 

This show is amazing, not only was it the most watched series on Netflix in 2013, it has received countless nominations for golden globes and primetime emmys. A short summary of the series, Piper Chapman is sentenced to a year and a half in prison, after being sentenced for drug smuggling for her lesbian ex lover. She gets away with it for some time, moves on to meet a man named Larry who she moves to New York with. Shortly after, her shady past catches up with her, and she is sentenced to 18 months in prison. The story follows her time in prison, the interesting characters she meets on her journey and the trouble she comes across. It is definitely one to watch, a lot of humour, a bit of violence and scenes of a sexual nature. 

I really hope you have enjoyed my recommendations and try one out. Please let me know if you do. 


Top tips to feel human being a busy full time mummy!!

Sometimes I find it hard not to feel like I’ve let myself go since having the little ones. I’ve only been a mummy for two years and 4 months, and in that time I have managed to create two humans, go me right?
But since having the children I just don’t feel like me anymore, I don’t feel as pretty as I used to feel, i don’t feel as sexy as I sometimes used to feel, I used to feel quite proud of myself and what I’d accomplished in life. Now I feel like everything I do isn’t enough, does anybody else feel that way?
Now I know my face hasn’t completely changed since having children, but I look back at photos of myself when my eldest was only a few months old, and my skin looks more vibrant, I look a lot younger, even know it’s only been two years, and I seem to have more of a twinkle in my eye. I used to make an effort getting ready, always wearing nice new on trend clothes, or at least current season. My underwear was pretty and not full of holes and looked as though they had gone through a wash cycle far too many times. My eyes brows always looked nicely shaped, I always made time to fake tan or have the occasional sun bed.
In order to feel a little more human, and more like the old me. Here is a few things I make sure I do either each day or once a week to give myself a little pamper and not just feel like a mum who has let her self go, but a mum who is trying as hard as she possibly can to keep hold of the person she used to be….

1.  Hygiene is key – I make sure I shower every morning. My partner leaves for work at half 7, so every morning I’m in that shower at 7:15  otherwise it should be 11am by the time I finally get one. I really find this wakes me up, tackles any aches I accumulated during the night fighting for space with a wriggly 13 month old.

2. A little make up goes a long way – I honestly feel putting a bit of blusher on my cheeks and a little concealer and mascara on really helps, and puts me in the right mood for the day. I find if I feel like I look a mess, I feel less motivated, less likely to go out and not in a great mood for the rest of the day. However some make up always helps to put a spring in my step!

3. Make sure you always have time for coffee and a slice of toast – My mornings are always so hectic, by the time both toddlers are fed, watered and dressed it’s can be mid morning by the time I get to sit down and have my breakfast and coffee. But no matter what I will always make sure I get that five minutes to myself to browse my social media, drink my coffee and recharge. Also a hungry mummy is a grumpy tired mummy!

4. Read a book – sometimes when my partner has some work to do, he will sit there on his laptop and I will cuddle next to him reading a good book. After all the time we spend on social media, browsing the internet. It’s good to let your mind unwind with a great book.

5. Watch a film or tv series – This is something me and Stu will do mostly every night. We love a good series, a bit of Netflix or a sky box set. We have recently watched a series on Netflix called ozark, which I highly recommend. We managed to watch a whole season in a couple of nights. We always binge watch a series.

6. Put on a face mask and paint your nails – This is something I will do once a week. If i have all this time to watch my tv series when the little ones are in bed, I certainly have time to throw on a face mask and paint my nails at the same time. I’ve recently purchased a body shop face mask called ‘Himalayan charcoal – purifying glow mask‘ and I must say, it does what it says on the tin! For £16 it’s good stuff and temporarily gives me back that healthy fresh glow of youth, highly recommend!

7. Take time out to chat to friends – As a lot of my friends don’t have children yet, most of them are 28/29 and are just settling down. I do find it’s easy to lose contact when life gets in the way. But sometimes in the evening I will make sure I spend some time chatting to friends from time to time. Normally results in me and one of my friends just sending links to beauty products we have recently purchased and fallen in love with.

8. Write a blog or engross in social media– writing a blog is a great way to vent and write about your day, interests or deepest and darkest thoughts. Social media is also full of so many mummy groups or similar interests pages, it’s nice to engage and speak to people with similar interests/ worries/ hobbies as oneself.

9. Treat yourself sometimes– As I mentioned earlier I recently purchased a great face mask from body shop, I do think it is important occasionally to treat yourself, because at the end of the day, we deserve it. Whether it’s that new lipstick you want, a new pair of shoes, replacing the tatty granny knickers or just buying yourself a tub or ice cream. Make sure you do it once in a while. You really will feel better for it. I find I spent all my money buying clothes or toys for the children, and spend very little of it on myself, typical mum!

Thank you for reading, let me know what  guys do to relax and unwind when the little ones are sleeping etc.

Emma x


Holidaying with a 1 year old and 2 year old….. is it even going to be a holiday?! 

So guys, we have found ourselves the most perfect holiday! It looks absolutely stunning, the hotel, the location, the scenery….all look out of this world. Before choosing and booking this particular holiday, I and my partner really found it hard to decide between a resort and villa holiday. With a 13 month old and a 27 month old, we really needed to list the pros and cons of both and decide which would be the most stress free and practical holiday for us. Now whether or not we made the right decision to stay in a resort; i will have to let you know the answer to that in a couple of weeks (wish me luck) 

We have chosen a five star all inclusive holiday, for ten days…. that’s right….ten amazzzzzing days in paradise and I can not bloody wait…. eeeeeek! The hotel seems too good to be true! 

Here are a few of the facilities that stood out for me, for obvious reasons… (photos featured is the hotel we’re going too) 

1. It has a crèche facility (not sure yet if we are going to use it I have my doubts
2. It has a baby beach, yep that’s right, what makes it a baby beach…. I could not tell you. 

3. A kids restaurant, my children are fussy so this is brilliant. Let’s hope chicken nuggets are on the menu! 

4. children’s paradise with 7 pools and 18 water slides 

5. Hotel run kids club 

6. Beachfront location surrounded by mountains

7. On site aqua park 

So the holiday is booked, passports for the children have arrived. I have bought most of the clothes they need, although I’m buying summer clothes when I should really be buying warmer clothes for the change in weather, September is nearly here. I’ve tried not to go mad with clothes as they will only be wearing them on holiday and by the time the weather is warm again they will no longer fit (money just gone down the drain) I’ve bought beach shoes, swimming inflatables, a beach anorak type thing for them both, I’ve also invested in a trunki off eBay for my 2 year old. Hoping it will be keep her quiet for a short amount of time in the airport. 

I am completely dreading the flight, last year when we just had our daughter Ella, she screamed the entire flight back from Tenerife, 4 hours! Honestly i do not exaggerate, she honestly screamed for that length of time. Me and Stuart both vowed never again! And here we are over a year later and now doing it with two little ones. If anyone has any tips on ways to keep two toddlers entertained and comfortable on a 4 and a half hour flight, do let me know. 

Anyway I really am truly excited to be going away, not just for myself but the happiness it gives me to see my babies happy and having fun. Although I am concerned also, i want a stress free and relaxing holiday, but how possible is that going to be with two toddlers. Sunbathing isn’t going to happen really is it, alcohol will be limited as i will have to still be very sensible, so I won’t be taking full advantage of all inclusive. Late nights watching entertainment means two grumpy, tired toddlers on our hands. I really don’t want to have to go to our room at 8pm every evening for them to go to sleep, really what’s the fun in that.

Getting up and out for us really is one of our downfalls, we can wake up at half 6 and still not leave the house until 2pm. Honestly how we do it, I will never know. All I know is that I’m more successful getting up and out with the kids on my own, than we are together on the weekends. I think that probably says more about my partner than anything, the guy slows us down. So by the time we try to get out our hotel room for breakfast we will hit the lunch time rush! So for holiday we need to get our bums in gear. 

Other things I worry about also, I don’t want to keep the babies outside in the sun for too long if it is terribly hot. I don’t want to spend most of our time in the hotel room either, this was one of the cons we had with resort verses villa. At least with a villa you can pop in and out of the villa for shade and it isn’t a complete nuisance! 
Anyway I am going to end the blog here as it’s a lot of waffle. But I would really love to hear other parents experiences, going away with little ones and if you found a resort or villa to be more practical. Wish me luck on my holiday guys!

Emma x 


Living with two under two… the crazy life I have created for myself!!

Life isn’t exactly going to plan for me right now…to help me feel better; I say to myself that I have hit a small bump in the road and things won’t be this way forever. If I could go back and tell the 22 year old me, that in five years I will be a stay at home mummy to two babies, there is no way I would have ever believed it, no way I would stay at home and no way would I have two children so close together…. how stupid?! Why would I do that?! Anyway younger me, you did it and now you are facing the consequences, I am the mummy of a 21 month old little Madame and a 6 month old little man, and my god it’s hard. It’s not as hard as I imagined it to be when I was pregnant with my second, and every single day I was picturing the worst. I was completely petrified when I found out I was pregnant again after having my little girl Ella, and 9 months on I was still completely terrified.

My daughter was and still is a very demanding human being, as a baby she was such hard work, constantly crying all the time, and now as a toddler she hasn’t changed much. So the thought of having another one was not going to happen for a good 3 to 4 more years.
No one was really bothered about me being pregnant again with my second, all the excitement must have got used up on my first pregnancy. Presents, there were none, no one bothered to organise a baby shower this time. Two weeks after having my son no one bothered to come and meet him apart from my mum and little brother and sister. It was a very lonely time, when I needed people the most, I was completely abandoned. After just having a csection and Ella still not walking and constantly wanting to be carried; it was extremely hard.

But luckily my little man is such a little cutie, so placid and laid back, I am very lucky to have him. Ella is still so demanding, she’s very intelligent and I think she is constantly frustrated and hopefully she will get better as her speech gets better and she can communicate properly…… I hope.
Here are a few observations I have made in the six months of being a mummy to two under two.

1. You will never get out the house, but you must try as hard as you can to get out a few times a week to stop yourself from going completely insane.
2. You will never get to pee when you need to, just get over it…. a strong bladder is necessary

3. You will constantly feel guilty, mostly because I feel Ella gets all the attention because she is so demanding.

4. Always have someone with you when visiting supermarkets or going to town, take your mum or friend along or it’s almost impossible to get anything done.

5. They never sleep at the same time so sneaky little naps never happens, your have to sleep when ur old or dead….

6. Routine routine routine is key for getting anything done. You plan to go out… get ready the night before. Do everything in your power to make your experience in the morning as stress free as possible

7. Sometimes it’s just easier to stay in then face the world and the stress that awaits you. Deal with the greater need first, two babies crying, one wants a biscuit and the other smacked themselves in the face with a toy. Deal with the injury first.

8. Never make appointments for first thing in the morning and never try and get anywhere on time. Meeting friends? Never organise anything before 12, you never know what’s going to happen.

9. You will constantly be needed, whether it’s a biscuit, choc choc, cheese, juice, dummy, bottle, poo, teething gel. You will become a slave to the little people. You will have more good days then bad. But the bad days always fall on the days you are home alone.

To all the women who have two little monsters under two…. I applaud you!