Peppa Pig obsessed birthday party on a budget. 

It was my daughters 2nd birthday a few months ago, but I haven’t written a blog about it just yet. I’ve decided to as I’m really pleased with what we achieved in such a short space of time, and on such a tight budget. Now her party wasn’t pininterest worthy. But I did my very best to be as creative as I could and I must admit some of my inspiration was from pin interest. 

Everyone seemed very impressed with the effort me and my partner put in. I come from a family where not much effort is usually put into birthday party’s apart from some balloons, a couple of sausage rolls and an Asda birthday cake; so to some of them, I’d gone OTT but i really do enjoy being creative and love to make my Ella happy. 

Here are some useful tips if you are looking to create a Peppa Pig themed birthday on a budget and don’t have an awful amount of time on your hands. 

1. eBay is the only shop you need – All of the decorations, which include, the buntings, plates, napkins, spotty pink cups, cupcake holders, party bags and balloons were from eBay. Honestly do not spend a ridiculous amount of money buying balloons from stores and spending even more for them to be blown up. You can buy big helium balloons for a fraction of the price on eBay. I even bought the pink spotty tablecloth off eBay. 

2. Be Peppa minded – Now I’m no Peppa expert, but the word “Dinosaur” springs to mind. So when it came to food ideas for the party, turkey dinosaurs were essential. Another word that comes to mind when I think of Peppa Pig, I think “muddy puddles” I don’t think I’m ever going to look at another puddle, without muddy puddles popping into my head. Even in years to come when Peppa Pig will be a distant memory to my son and daughter. So we decided to create muddy puddle deserts out of chocolate mousse, and they were a major hit. The cupcakes made by my lovely talented friend, featured M&S Percy pigs, and guess what?! No one had a clue. 

3. Be creative – I’ve always wanted to make a sweety tree, and what better reason to make one, then my daughters 2nd birthday. I bought the kit off eBay, which had everything you need, and then I bought a box of 100 lollies off eBay for about five pounds, and after I created the tree I even had enough lollies left for the party bags. I really wanted to make the table the main feature for the party as many people do. As it going to hold the birthday cake, food, sweety tree, muddy puddles and dinosaurs, I wanted it to look really aesthetically pleasing. 

I see a photo on pininterest of a table that had a Peppa Pig backdrop on the wall behind, as soon as i see it I wanted one. I did so much looking about online on eBay, and not on the high street and etsy, but they was so so expensive. We had already hit our budget for the party, so buying a personalised backdrop with my daughters name and age on it wasn’t going to be cost effective. So we decided to make our own, and it was as simple as google images and Microsoft paint, and a little editing. We was lucky enough that one of my partners clients at work, were happy to print it for us free of charge, otherwise that would have been another expense. 

I really hope my blog has been useful and may have given a little inspiration for party ideas. Now if I had more of a budget, I think it would have been a little crazy! If you have any questions, please message me. 
Em x 


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